At Litton Lane we carry all major PA ,backline and instrument brands in our stock. If there is something you do not see listed contact us and we will do our our very best to source it.

L/Acoustic K1
L/Acoustic K2
L/Acoustic KARA
L/Acoustic ARCS 2
L/Acoustic KS 28
L/Acoustic SB 28

Yamaha CL Series
Midas Pro Series
Avid Profile

Monitors :
D&B M2
D&B M4
L/Acoustic HI Q

Shure + Sennheiser mics and IEMs

DW Collectors Maple Series
Pearl Masters Series
Yamaha Maple Custom
Yamaha Recording Custom
Yamaha 9000
Gretsch Renown Maple
Slingerland Tour Series
Mapex Saturn Series
Taye Studio Maple
Ludwig Blue/Olive Badge
Roland SPDS-SX

Meinl Bongos
LP Timbales
LP Congas
Pearl Elite Djembe
LP Maracas
LP Cabasa
Meinl Cabasa
Other assorted hand-held percussion that you can hit, rattle or shake.

Sabian Hand Hammered Series
Zilidjian K’s, A Custom and Avedis

Guitars and Amplification
Gibson Les Paul Classic and Standard
Gibson SG
Gibson J200
Gibson Southern Jumbo
Gibson ES 335
Gibson Flying V
Epiphone Masterbilt
Fender USA Strat
Fender USA Tele
Fender Vibrolux
Fender Twin 65′ re-issue (Black Face)
Fender “The Twin” (Red Knob)
Fender Blues Junior
Fender Bassman 59′ re-issue
Fender Hotrod Deluxe
Fender Hotrod DeVille (2×12 + 4×10)
Fender 59′ Deluxe
Mesa Boogie Mk III
Vox AC30 (Green and Blue Backs)
Roland JC 120
Marshall Blues Breaker
Marshall JCM 800
Marshall JCM 900 (Hi Gain and Dual Reverb)
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL
Marshall 6100 (30th Anniversary)
Marshall 4x12a
Marshall 4x12b
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head with 4×12 slant and straight
Orange Rockerverb 100 with 4×12

Bass Guitar and Amplification
Fender USA Precision
Fender USA Jazz
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson ThunderBird
Ampeg: SVT-VR, Classic, SVT II, SVT Mk I, SVT III Pro, 8×10, 4×10, 1×15
Gallien Kruger: MB 150, GK 1001, 4×10, 1×15
SWR SM900, Red Head, 4×10 Goliath ll+lll
Ashdown: EVO 500, EVO 900, 4×10, 1×15, 8×10
Trace Elliot: RAH 600, GP 7, GP 12, 4×10, 1×15
Hartke: 3500, 7000
Mark Bass: Little Mark 800, 4×10
Fender: TB 1200, 6×10

Keyboards, Synths, Organs and Workstations
Roland: RD700, RD700 SX, A-90, Fantom XR, XP 80, D50, Juno 106, Fantom X7
Korg: Trinity, Triton, X-50, M1, M1 Rack, Triton Rack
Nord: Electro II, Stage 76, Stage 88EX
Kurzweil: K2500, PC-88, Kurzweil Rack
M-Audio: Axiom 49, 61 Note Controllers
Yamaha: P-150, P-250, CP300, S-80, Motif XS 6, Mofit 7, Motif ES 8, Motif XS 8
Fatar: SL900
Fender Rhodes: Stage 73
Moog: Voyager Oldschool
Akai: MPK 88
Wurlitzer: P200
Hammond C3
Leslie 147
Trek ll Leslie pre-amp
Roland KC 500 Keyboard Amp

DJ Equipment
Pioneer: EXF 1000, CDJ 1000, CDJ 2000, DJM500, DJM 909, DJM 600, DJM 800
Vestax: 05 PRO, PCM 50A
Rane: TTM57, MP2016A+XP2016A
Vermona Action Filters
Technics: SL 1200, SL1210

240v-110v transformers and stage drops
Guitar Stands
Lit Music Stands
Percussion Tables
Keyboard Stands
Keyboard Benches
Drum Risers
Stage Fans
Plexi Drum Screens
Various cabling
Guitar Racks

Transport and Crew available

For PA equipment please contact us.



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Litton Lane is Irelands premier supplier of integrated audio hire systems. At Litton Lane we carry all major backline and instrument brands in our stock.


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